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Your car requires a tune-up

Is your car running smoothly?

Have you noticed your car isn't running as smooth as it use to or you have reached your mileage for regular maintenance? If so it could be time for a tune up. Our trusted mechanics will gladly give your car a tune up so it performs better for you.

Thorough inspections of your car

• Visual inspections

• Fuel filter changes

• Spark plug changes

• Ignition system checks

• Computer system checks

• Fuel system checks

• Fuel injection cleaning

• O.E. products and quality Valvoline oil used

Proper maintenance of your car ensures that it lasts longer and performs better. If you aren't sure when your car is due for a checkup, we will give you guidance.



With over 30 years of experience, we are dedicated to providing you quality auto care that you can trust. Experience great customer service from a local and family owned company.

All our mechanics

are ASE certified

so you get the best

care for your car.

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