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Your car's performance is key

Know what the light on your dashboard means

When a warning light comes on when you are driving, it may not always be exactly clear what caused it. Bring your car to us and one of our ASE certified mechanics for a complete diagnosis on what is happening with your car. We will not fix anything until we have talked to you first.

Diagnostic services you can depend on

A/C systems

• Battery and starting systems

• Cooling systems

 Brake systems

Electrical systems

• ABS/Traction Control

• Air Bag Systems

• Check Engine Light

• Maintenance Light

Contact us for quality service

No matter what type of car you drive, keeping it maintained is our job. We provide you with an array of services to keep your car running.



We have been providing the community with quality auto service that keeps people's cars running. Your job will be done to your satisfaction so you will always be a repeat customer.

Keep your car

running - start with

a proper diagnosis

from a locally

owned company.

Call to schedule

a diagnosis for your sensor light.


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