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Keep your car running

Don't run on an old battery

Imagine walking out to your car and trying to crank it up only to realize that it won't start. Chances are you have a dead battery. While jumpstarting it could get your car running again, you need to have your battery looked at to ensure it is ok. If it isn't, we can provide you with a brand new quality battery.

Signs you need a new battery

• Old age

• Battery leak

• Swelling battery case

• Engine light on your dashboard

• Slow engine crank

• No power to your car

We can provide you with a battery test to see if your battery is operable. If not, we help you get the battery you need and installed into your car. We sell AC Delco and Motorcraft products.



When you work with Wood Auto Repair, you can always expect to be treated like family. With over 30 years of experience, we will deliver you the same trusted service as on our opening day.

All our mechanics

are ASE certified to ensure quality service.

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order a new battery for your car.


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